Surrender to the Flow #61: Colorado 2018

Surrender to the Flow
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Here is Surrender to the Flow's Colorado 2018 issue! This item is FREE to download, but if you would like to pay something for it/donate, we will gladly accept! Simply change the price from $0 to Whatever You'd Like To Pay when you check out, if you'd like to pay something - but don't feel you have to, either - you can also just type 0! Either way, you will be given the option to read it right then and there, download it to your device, or open it in the Gumroad app. A copy will also be delivered to your email for PDF download from there anytime, so you can easily read on your phone, tablet, or desktop, or even print it out to save forever!

This issue is full of good stuff for you! We have reviews from the first half of Summer Tour 2018 through Austin. There's lots of information about the Colorado shows - things to do nearby, information about services in the area, a look back at past runs at Dick's and the effects of cannabis legalization here.. We also offer articles on a variety of interesting topics, including parenthood, a Phish musical for elementary school students, fan groups bringing community together, and more! And, this forty page issue also includes our regular features like puzzles and games, recipes, Twenty Years Later, My Favorite Jam Ever, My First Show, Everybody Loves Statistics, Celebrations, and so much more!

Please check out this issue and tell your friends, and have a great time at Dick's, everyone!

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Surrender to the Flow #61: Colorado 2018

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